Chamonix Activities

Chamonix is the canvas on which many adrenaline-artists etch their inspirational endeavours. The palette of pastimes that they can choose from to create their Mountain masterpieces is as extensive as the unrivalled Alpine backdrop that surrounds them.

But this is not just the province of the gifted few. Chamonix’s Academy of the Extreme welcomes everybody. You don’t have to be the Da Vinci, Van Gogh or even Damien Hirst of your chosen sport to revel in Chamonix. You may be the equivalent of a paint-by-numbers paragliding novice, a crayon-coloring climber or an etch-a-sketch-doodling beginner snowboarder – Chamonix still welcomes you with open arms.

In fact, this is what makes Chamonix the ultimate adventure destination. No matter what your level, there is something to thrill you, to challenge you, to inspire you and, if sought, something to scare the living daylights out of you.

To be honest, who wants to be a genius anyway? Vincent himself was a tortured soul, struggling against the burden of brilliance. Much better to be the enthusiastic intermediate than the troubled talent. And that is who we feel Chamonix really is for – the world-class intermediates amongst us: those who give anything a go and are excited by everything.

There really is too much to do here to limit yourself to just one activity – perhaps it’s even more fun to daub your life in the broad brushstrokes of variety rather than obsess over honing the precision of one corner of your existence.

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