Chalet Vincent Kid's Area

 The original architect for the property was commissioned in 1950 by the previous owners to design a holiday chalet for two families. The result they referred to using the words of the famous poem of the 15th century Italian Poet Orlando Furioso as ‘Parva Sed Apta’. The original carved beam with these words is now incorporated into the fascia to the Jacuzzi decking.

Parva sed apta mihi,
sed nulli obnoxia, sed non Sordida,
parta meo sod tamen aere domus

Which translates to:

Small is my humble roof, but well designed
to suit the temper of the master's mind;
Hurtful to none, it boasts a decent pride,
that my poor purse the modest cost supplied

This philosophy towards an efficient design has been maintained in the refurbishment to allow for a number of permutations for its use including of course - two families. One of the bedrooms on the ground floor has in it its own small sofa, a LCD tv with a Sony Playstation 3 allowing the parents the opportunity to unwind in quiet harmony upstairs whilst the younger members are either ‘chilling out’ with a movie or competing with one another on one of a number of play station games.